Supplement GuideTips for Weight Loss: The key is to balance energy expenditure and food consumption. Apart from serious genetic and hormonal factors predisposing to pathological weight gain, most overweight people can lose weight by controlling the quantity of food eaten, combined with a regimen of regular exercise. Deficiencies of DHEA, thyroid, and other hormones have been associated with obesity as well as many age-related conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, increased pro-inflammatory cytokines and interleukin-6, chilliness or heat intolerance, and sleep disturbance. Ask your doctor to test your levels of various hormones. 1. Eat slowly and keep the food in the mouth, chewing as long as possible. 2. If you have an irresistible urge to eat junk food, keep it in the mouth long enough to taste it, and then spit it out. Rather than eating for comfort, go for a walk, preferably with a dear friend; sing to lift your spirits; pray and give your troubles to God, and seek solace from the Supreme Comforter. 3. When you eat sweet foods, drink water immediately after to reduce the sugar craving. See also Drugs/Substance Abuse for strategies to kick the sugar addiction. 4. Eat several small meals a day rather than the basic three meals. Remember that the stomach is about the size of your fist, usually a volume of 1½ to 2 cups. Eating more than two cups of food per meal is overeating. 5. When your stomach is not full, pull it inward toward your spine. Take time to breathe fully. 6. Avoid unhealthy buffets. With a fixed price, you’ll be tempted to eat a lot to get the most for your money. 7. Make a list when shopping for food. Check it twice to eliminate junk food items! 8. Exercise regularly as appropriate for the status of your health. 9. Avoid appetite-suppressing drugs. Their serious side effects are numerous, including addictive potential, impairment of memory and concentration, palpitations, anxiety, insomnia, liver damage, and heart attack. 10. A few computer assisted biofeedback or neuro-feedback sessions have been found effective for some people. Make sure you record a session for repeated listening at home. Recommended Supplements: Weight Loss Trio (three bottles): 1.) Weight Regulator, 2.) 7-Keto-DHEA, 3.) Enzymes, Super, Male Performance Support or Female Hormone Balance, Royal Jelly and L-Cysteine. Reduce use of Enzymes, Super after 3 months. Also, GTF Chromium (alternate the chromiums every other week), Natural 5-HTP, L-Taurine, CLA, Also, Multiple for Every Man and Multiple for Every Woman. Note: You don’t have to order all the supplements listed for each health condition. Start with the first one to three products, based on your needs. Take supplements for a minimum of one month (in severe cases longer) until relieved of the symptoms. Then take supplements on and off for maintenance.

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