Dear Doctor, I saw you on TBN-TV ... I then ordered the vitamins for joint integrity, and I cannot believe I have my life back. I am a Christian, but everyday I had started my day with pain. After taking the vitamins, I painted a room! And now everyday when my feet hit the floor, it is without pain. I can't believe it but it’s true. I thank God for you. My right leg is completely pain free and there’s just a small amount in my left leg.
— D.H., Monroe, La.


"...He truly is doing better! His sense of humor has returned. He is already remembering words, not stammering over them. His 'pleasant' personality is being restored. His driving, which we could not get him to stop, is much better." (on Alzheimer's supplement recommendation plan)
— R.D., Ortonville, Mich.


"I'm ordering more for my sister and her friend, She said it is great stuff and she can really tell the difference." (on Natural Joint Integrity)
— V.P., Sunny Isle, Va.


"I don't know what all the products do, but it is great for me. It works! I want to be put on a monthly program to have it sent out to me." (on Natural Joint Integrity for rheumatoid arthritis).
— B.G., Cottonwood, Calif.


"My husband has been taking the supplements for Alzheimer's for two months and is doing quite well. His long-term and short-term memory is starting to return. I took him out of the nursing home to give him the supplements, and the nurses at the nursing home are amazed at his improvement and want to know what he has been given." (on Alzheimer's supplement recommendation plan) — M.H. Huron, S.D.


"My mom, aunt and cousin are all taking them and doing great on them." (on Brain Food, Brain Igniter and Neuro Supplements)
— S.F., Colton, Calif.


"My aunt is doing great. Her stamina seems to be increasing." (on Heart Prolongevity, Brain Igniter, Enzyme Complex)
— N.S., Huntsville, Ala.


“My father was having epileptic seizures. Those stopped with the Relief Pills. He has trouble with short- and long-term memory and is doing much better. He is even seeing better: He can see colors now. Before he only had peripheral vision." (on Brain Food, Seizure Relief and other various supplements)
— C.S, Molalla, Ore.


"I had a bad case of insomnia. I'm sleeping great now due to 5-HTP. And my husband's hair is growing thicker since taking IGF Growth Factor."
— P.M., Nashville, Tenn.


"My daughter introduced me to Natural Joint Integrity. I started taking it and now I'm going to get my other daughter started. It's great stuff!"
— R.H., Dover, Del.


"I had a torn rotator cuff in my shoulder, and Natural Joint Integrity took away the pain. (The doctor said my shoulder was messed up pretty bad.) It also has helped my back. I used to get acupuncture, but haven't had to in a long time since taking Natural Joint Integrity."
— D.W., Sullivan, Mo.


"That Brain Food really works. It's powerful. You don't need that much."
— R.R., Santa Rosa, Calif.