Supplement Plan for Alzheimer’s

Supplement Plan for Alzheimer’s

© by Dr. Samuel Verghese

Alzheimer’s disease is a relentless, progressive degeneration of the brain tissue, characterized by the gradual spread of sticky plaques and clumps of tangled fibers. The disease develops in the interior part of the brain and makes its way to the  hippocampus, the part of the brain responsible for forming and retrieving various kinds of memories. At this stage, memory of all kinds, events and objects or abstract thought processes cease.

As the disease spreads to various regions of the brain, social abilities deteriorate along with perception of space and time. Severe mood swings, outbursts of anger, odd gait or a loss of coordination may accompany loss of bladder and bowel control.

Patients may also experience episodes of fearfulness, deep apathy, or complete loss of reality and speech. These are invariably the result of brain tissue destruction. The brain also shrinks in size and weight as the disease eats away healthy cells. Personality and external spirituality are also destroyed as the brain dies away.

There is nothing we know today that will completely regenerate the brain to its original form.

The progressive nature of Alzheimer’s disease is classified into three stages.

Stage 1 is characterized by progressive forgetfulness, loss of short-term memory, increased anxiety and may accompany depression.

In Stage 2, past memory may remain intact; immediate memory becomes elusive. The early sign of disorientation and confusion becomes a daily experience. Writing difficulties, distorted language and cognitive functions take the victim further into a shadowy world. The person is usually aware of this helpless predicament as the most brain cells die in greater numbers. In most cases mood and personality rapidly deteriorate.

In Stage 3, most people lose all their cherished memories, resulting in the inability to recognize loved ones, themselves or most anything — including spirituality. Delusions, hallucinations, passivity or violent episodes usually follow. In addition, most become bedridden, needing full-time hospital or nursing home care services. Some may continue to live in this state, becoming unconscious before passing away.

(See “What Alzheimer’s Does to the Brain”)

When beginning the supplement program, a few people may experience vivid dreams, sleepiness or hyper alertness as the brain and body begin to detoxify and repair. If this occurs, reduce the dosage and duration until the brain and body adjust to the nutrients. For example, take one capsule or tablet every other day, once in three days, or even once a week until the body is able to accept and assimilate these organic

Progress with supplements will take time based on the brain tissue loss. Those in early stages of the disease will find improvement within one to three months. If the disease has progressed to many regions of the brain, regeneration will take longer.

Early-stage Alzheimer’s patients will show rapid progress. Others may take anywhere from one to 12 months to show progress when 1/4 or move of the brain is destroyed — it’s your decision to give or not to give any supplements. No matter what the stage, some of the substances are capable of enhancing activity and inhibiting the rapid destruction of brain cells.

Suggestion for support: Please pray and act.

The responsibility of taking care of a person with Alzheimer’s can be overwhelming. Bible-believing churches in many cities can get together, organize and provide good, safe and friendly day-care centers for our suffering senior saints. If not available in your area, look to adult day-care centers, support groups for caregivers, and medical, social or family counseling groups.

1st Month:

Brain Food, Brain lgniterMultiple for Every Man, Multiple for Every Woman, Enzymes, Super, Grape Seed Extract and Vinpocetine (Periwinkle Extract) (whole plant), Liver Refresh and Galantamine. For blood circulation, energy, sharper mind, stronger heart, healthier blood sugar, and improved blood pressure eat Red Beet roots daily.
Take your medicines separately. If you wish, add Immune Enhancer I and Immune Enhancer III. Take just two capsules of each every day.

NOTE: If the person exhibits anxiety, depression, paranoia, agitation, restlessness, childish attitude/selfishness, give Neuro Balancer, and 5-HTP as indicated on the label. Do not give Neuro Balancer when you give Brain lgniter.

For example:

  • Give Brain Food, and Brain lgniter with breakfast.
  • Give Neuro Balancer with lunch.
  • Give 5-HTP with dinner.

For dizziness or impaired equilibrium:

  • Establish a consistent and familiar routine.
  • Four to six small meals are recommended.
  • Taking an afternoon nap is helpful for brain regeneration. You need at least eight hours of sleep 7in the night. If you cannot sleep well, take sleep supplements or eat proper foods. If chewing foods is difficult, blend them in a blender.

2nd Month:

Add Neuro Balancer, Vitamin E, Adv. Gamma, and Enzymes, Super. You may take one to three capsules for each meal for a month.

3rd Month:

Taking the above regimen two to three times a week is sufficient. Reduce all supplements to 1/2 the recommended doses on the bottle and add Heart Prolongevity, one or two a day with meals.


Continue with the supplement regimen as in the 3rd month.

5th Month:

Take all the above supplements two days a week, 1/2 of the recommended dosage on the bottle. You can stop taking Neuro Complex. Add Immune Enhancer I and Immune Enhancer III to the above-recommended supplements if not already taking them. Take just two capsules of each every day.

6th Month:

Two or three times a week of supplementation based on the severity and the progress of the patient.