Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome (RSDS) / Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Supplement GuideRSDS, also known as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) is a chronic neuropathic pain usually resulting from an injury that gets worse over time. Doctors and scientists aren’t sure about the origin of CRPS. The symptoms are related to a defective functioning of neurotransmitters of the complete nervous and the enteric system. In the early stage of the disorder, one of the arms, legs, hands or feet are affected and the pain may spread to the entire arm, leg or the entire body. Typical features include dramatic changes in the color and temperature of the skin over the affected limb or body part, accompanied by intense burning pain, skin sensitivity, excessive sweating, reduced range of motion and swelling. The skin may become cool and bluish. In some cases, the sympathetic nervous system plays and important role in maintaining the pain. The later stages include joint stiffness, osteoporosis, fractures, trauma of soft tissue, thinning of the skin and in some cases bone. Some attribute CRPS to a triggering of the immune response leading to the characteristic inflammatory symptoms of inflammation, redness, pain and warmth in the affected area and extremities. Treatment Because there is no cure for CRPS, treatment is aimed at relieving painful symptoms. Doctors may prescribe topical analgesics, antidepressants, corticosteroids, and opioids to relieve pain. However, no single drug or combination of drugs has produced consistent long-lasting improvement in symptoms. Other treatments may include physical therapy, sympathetic nerve block, lumbar sympathectomy, spinal cord stimulation, and intrathecal drug pumps to deliver opioids and local anesthetic agents via the spinal cord. Recommended Supplements: Joint Integrity, Muscle & Joint Discomfort Relief Cream, 5-HTP, L-Dopa, Vitamin D-3 + K-2, Calcium, Bone Density, and Vegetal Silica. Pure Aloe Caps. Note: You don’t have to order all the supplements listed for each health condition. Start with the first one to three products, based on your needs. Take supplements for a minimum of one month (in severe cases longer) until relieved of the symptoms. Then take supplements on and off for maintenance.

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