Liver Detox and Regeneration

Supplement GuideRecommended Supplements: Liver Refresh, Heart Prolongevity (has CoQ10), L-Carnosine, Immune Enhancer I and Immune Enhancer II (take the A SAMPLE OF CASE STUDIES for LIVER DEXTOXIFIER & REGENERATOR Formulated and Clinically Tested by C. Samuel Verghese, MA, PhD, MD(IM), BCIAC-EEG Fellow CASE ONE 42 YO M – Progressive Hepatitis induced fibrosis of the liver, chronic fatigue and pain. S/P 1st biopsy of the liver ® Progression of fibrosis.

  • After taking 5 months of Liver D +R are the following results:

Cea 160 ® 10 Bili 12 ® 1.8 ALK Phos 468 ® 96 AST 680 ® 46 ALT 473 ® 43 CASE TWO  52 YO F – Progressive Hepatitis C induced fibrosis of the liver, intractable pain, fatigue, insomnia and difficulty breathing.

  • After taking 4 months of liver D+R are the following results:

Cea 172 ® 15 Bili 14 ® 2 ALK Phos 385 ® 92 AST 214 ® 32 ALT 122 ® 28 Twenty years of clinical experience treating patients with a wide variety of liver dysfunction – monitoring laboratory hepatic blood results, skin and eye color, appearance of the tongue, and other signs and symptoms – led to the development of this formula.  It has been shown to reduce elevated levels of liver enzymes in patients with various liver disorders.  The ingredients in this formula neutralizes free radicals and protect the liver against inflammation, toxicity, glutathione depletion and lipid peroxidation, while stimulating protein synthesis and fostering the replacement of damaged cells with new liver tissue.   Patients suffering from hepatitis and severe hepatic pathologies were recommended mostly an organic vegetarian or combination of meat based nutritional program until full recovery.  They were encouraged to cook with organic extra virgin olive oil.  Don’t drink raw olive oil or take raw turmeric supplements.  Add these ingredients at the end of cooking. Taking appropriate quantity of Liver Detoxifier & Regenerator (LDR) has been effective in the treatment of hepatitis, A, B and C.  It can inhibit the formation of hepatic fibrosis and increase production of natural killer (NK) cell activity and interleukin-12. Hepatitis A is a highly contagious liver disease and can be contracted by ingesting food contaminated with the virus where it is grown.  For example, food prepared by an infected food handler.  Many who travel to high-risk areas can avoid hepatitis A by taking Liver Detoxifier & Regenerator. In one trial of two comparable groups traveling abroad together to a high-risk area, one group took LDR prophylactically while the other group used nothing.  All in the treated group remained symptom-free; all but one in the unprotected group became infected, suffering fever, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and some were temporarily bedridden due to the severity of their symptoms.  Even if one is immunized against hepatitis, this formula can help minimize the side effects of immunization and protect the liver. In addition, LDR can protect our entire body against toxic emissions from autos, locomotives, airplanes and factories.  It can also inhibit the growth and metastasis of liver and pancreatic cancers.  It is also highly recommended for those who take medications, smoke, use alcohol, acetaminophen, receive flu shots and take contraceptives. Others after consultation. Get a Liver Enzyme blood test.    

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