Supplement Guide Narcolepsy is a syndrome that appears to be caused by neurobiological imbalance that interferes with the brain’s ability to regulate normal sleep-wake cycles. A person with narcolepsy may experience a combination of symptoms including: 1. Episodes of deep sleep from which he or she can be aroused only with great difficulty, often coming on suddenly without warning; 2. Muscle weakness or cataplexy; 3. Sleep paralysis in which the person cannot move any part of the body for a few minutes or longer; 4. Auditory or visual hallucinations, called hypnagogic phenomena. Conventional treatment: Usually tricyclics, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, Adderall, Ritalin, Tofranil or Modafranil are prescribed to control narcolepsy. Recommended Supplements: Neuro Complex, Royal Jelly, Brain Food, L-Glutamine, Adrenal Stress Support, Brain IgniterGTF Chromium, Royal Jelly, Calcium, Bone Density (with magnesium and vitamin D), Multiple for Every Man, Multiple for Every WomanImmune Enhancer I and Immune Enhancer III, Healthy Liver for those who use any kind of prescription or non-prescription drugs. Guarana is not safe in the long run. This nutritional protocol keeps blood sugar levels relatively even through the day to sustain wakefulness. To enhance sleep, Natural 5-HTP, Vitamin B-6 and/or Neuro Relaxer (2 capsules 30 minutes before bedtime). Also, other supplements maintain normal production of norepinephrine to keep the sympathetic nervous system active to maintain alertness. See instructions for healthy eating in Chapter 8. Note: You don’t have to order all the supplements listed for each health condition. Start with the first one to three products, based on your needs. Take supplements for a minimum of one month (in severe cases longer) until relieved of the symptoms. Then take supplements on and off for maintenance.

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