Fibromyalgia, Body Pain, Fatigue

Supplement GuideSYMPTOMS—chronic fatigue; pain in muscles, ligaments, joints and tendons; morning stiffness; headaches; sleep abnormalities; mood changes; sensitivity to light and noise; anxiety in anticipation of emotional stress, worry and pain; depression, difficulty focusing and concentrating; restless leg syndrome; sleep apnea and bruxism. Most people with fibromyalgia also suffer from brain chemical disturbances. Many experience disturbed sleep characterized by interruption of normal sleep brain wave activity by episodes of wakeful brain wave activity. All of these symptoms can impede spiritual growth. CAUSES—Fibromyalgia has hereditary or genetic origins and can be precipitated by acute illness, trauma, or immune dysfunction. It is often associated with Epstein-Barr Virus infection (EBV) and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). DIAGNOSIS—As the medical profession has slowly taken fibromyalgia more seriously as a diagnostic entity, diagnostic criteria have emerged that are somewhat arbitrary and exclusive. The most reliable physical finding in fibromyalgia is the existence of specific trigger points, an array of tender spots in the musculature, the locations of which are surprisingly consistent with the findings of the American College of Rheumatology. Of course, a diagnosis of fibromyalgia is based upon the exclusion of other disorders. Lab tests and imaging procedures are becoming more useful in the diagnosis.


The nutritional goal is to correctly nourish the immune system and assist the body to recover from the deranging force that caused the imbalance. Wholesome balanced eating is important. As you recover, increase exercise as tolerated. Recommended Supplements: Immune Enhancer I and Immune Enhancer III if immune system is compromised; Royal Jelly. Astragalus Root is a powerful immune booster multiplying your T-cells, macrophages and Natural Killer (NK) cells. It is included in Immune Enhancer III. Also take Grape Seed Extract, Brain Food and Brain Igniter (lower priced and better than SAMe), Neuro Complex and Neuro Balancer (if depression is present); Vitamin D-3 + K-2. Heart Prolongevity is added after two or three weeks (one or two a day) for boosting tissue oxygenation, blood flow and immune functions, Natural 5-HTP or Natural Sleep supplement is added two capsules at bedtime. You may need additional supplementation if restful sleep eludes you despite 5-HTP and/or Natural Sleep; Magnesium Citrate 500mg and Malic Acid one or more times daily has shown to relieve pain and discomfort. Take these supplements with food. Homeopathic medicines are very effective when prescribed by a trained homeopath. Other supplements that may be indicated are Healthy Liver, Respiratory Nutrition Assist if you suffer allergies and Ojibwa; biofeedback/neuro-feedback with cognitive behavioral therapy have been effective in the management of fibromyalgia. Gentle massage therapy using our Muscle & Joint Discomfort Relief Cream can decrease pain, fatigue and stiffness. For myofascial (muscles and fascia) release, this cream is very useful. Dietary and Other Lifestyle Recommendations • Do not take supplements every day for more than one month; skip two or three days a week and take only as needed. More is not necessarily better. After complete recovery, take supplements only as needed for maintenance. • Avoid colas, white flour, processed foods, refined carbohydrates, and sugar. Instead use xylitol. • Get plenty of rest. • Drink plenty of filtered or steam-distilled water. • Eat steamed vegetables, rather than raw, unless they are organically grown. • Eat a balanced diet of natural foods rich in vegetables. • Install a shower filter. • Exercise regularly—stretching, walking, swimming, more vigorous as tolerated—if your health permits. See article. Note: You don’t have to order all the supplements listed for each health condition. Start with the first one to three products, based on your needs. Take supplements for a minimum of one month (in severe cases longer) until relieved of the symptoms. Then take supplements on and off for maintenance.

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